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The SOPA program is for newcomers who are in the process of immigration to Canada and settle in BC. SOPA provides free online courses focusing on job search and communication skills to help prepare newcomers.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  1. - Showcase your products, services and brand to the large Iranian-Canadian community (+500 contacts list) through regular events, emails, and a high traffic website

  2. - Leverage the industry established IEBCA (Signed MoA with APEGBC) for strong corporate and business exposure in BC and international markets

  3. - Generate prospects and sales, by expanding your promotional efforts through IEBCA

  4. - Find high-caliber professionals and educated engineering candidates for your

  5. - career opportunities and company growth

  6. - Get more involved with the audiences in a positive educational monthly events

  7. - Support the Not for Profit Org. IEBCA that helps the Persian professionals and companies to prosper and find a better recognitions in Canada.

Sponsorship Type




IEBCA Website

Home & Sponsor Page Yes Yes Yes
Word Count on Webpage 35 25 20
Logo Size Scale 1 * Scale 2 Scale 3
Duration 1 year 1 year 1 year

Technical Monthly Events

Company Signage 60*60*200 cm 60*60*200 cm 21*28 cm **
Newsletters Yes Yes Yes
Logo Size on Slides Scale 1 Scale 2 Scale 3
Word Count on Slides 35 25 20
10 minutes Speaking Opportunity Yes No No
Number of Events 10 5 8
Complimentary Memberships 3 2 1

Sponsorship Fee

$ 800

$ 400

$ 300

* Scales will be defined based on the webpage/slide dimensions. Scale 1 is the largest and Scale 3 is the smallest size. ** On the refreshments table Please feel free to contact us at sponsorship[at]iebca[dot]ca if you have any question and need to arrange a sponsorship for your business. Also, more detailed package introduction and the sponsorship form can be found by clicking here.