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Dr. Madjid Mohseni, P.Eng.

Clean Drinking Water in Indigenous and Non-Urban Communities: What Will It Really Take?

Sat Feb 15 2020 22:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Iranian Engineers of BC Association (IEBCA) would like to invite you to join us in an informative presentation by Dr. Madjid Mohseni from University of British Columbia.

Ensuring safe drinking water in small, rural and Indigenous communities has long been recognized as a priority for the Canadian government as well as many researchers and NGOs. However, many conventional strategies and programs have not produced sustainable results and there are increasing numbers of communities facing challenging water issues. Among the challenges that set small and Indigenous systems apart from larger urban centres include their chronic lack of financial resources for infrastructure investment, as well as limited access to skilled workers and adequate technical information and suitable technologies. Complicating the issue is the fact that source waters for many such communities exhibit high seasonal and geographic variability, meaning that multiple solutions may be required to achieve proper disinfection – exacerbating the funding and technology gaps with which these communities must cope.

This talk focuses on highlighting some of the challenges facing Canadian small and Indigenous communities, and provides an analysis on some of the relevant innovations and initiatives towards a better solution in this area. In particular, there will be a discussion on how one can adopt new courses for innovation while embracing the notion that issues in drinking water quality are directly connected to complicated, broader health and social challenges in these communities.

Copyright Disclaimer: The speaker accepts the full responsibility for the copyright aspects of the material presented here (as the Description of the event), together with what will be presented by the speaker at the event.


Delbrook Community Recreation Center, Maple Room
851 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4E3

About the Speaker:

Dr. Madjid Mohseni is an expert in drinking water quality and treatment, and his research focuses on novel and robust water treatment processes, capable of removing and degrading micro-pollutants and natural organic matter from drinking water supplies. His research involves laboratory scale development and investigation, as well as pilot scale and field evaluation of the technologies under real operating conditions at several partner community sites. He is a Professional Engineer registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC. He is also the recipient of a number of awards, including the 2019 UBC Applied Science Dean’s Medal of Distinction, 2015 Water’s Next Award, and the 2012 BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) award of excellence.

Dr. Mohseni is currently the Scientific Director of RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation, a multidisciplinary Knowledge Mobilization program funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) and partners from industry, communities, government and NGOs, focusing on achieving socioeconomically and technologically sustainable outcomes in water health and well-being for Indigenous and non-urban communities.

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