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Membership Types, Annual Fees, and Rights


Generally, according to the Iranian Engineers of British Columbia Association (IEBCA) Bylaws, there are four types of membership, each with varying annual membership fees and rights, as summarized below.

Membership Type          Annual Membership Fee          Voting Right          Board of Directors Candidacy Right


  Full Member                              $30                                          Yes                                         Yes

  Associate Member                    $25                                           No                                          No

  Student Member                       $15                                            No                                         No

  Honorary Member                   Free                                           No                                         No

Note on Members' Professions:

Per the IEBCA Bylaws, Architectural, Engineering and Geoscience professionals and students can equally apply to become an IEBCA member. For more details about the requirements of any of the types of membership, you can consult the IEBCA Constitution and Bylaws.

Note on Volunteering with IEBCA:

Many people contact us to volunteer at IEBCA. However, in order to volunteer for IEBCA, one should first be a member of IEBCA. 

If you have any specific questions, you can reach us by emailing to

Membership Benefits

Being a member of IEBCA provides an array of benefits for your professional work and social life. It differentiates you from your peers and maximizes the output of your long-term efforts in being standout, creating a network of trusted people, and exhibiting an exceptional performance in your engineering and corporate disciplines.

1- Networking and employment opportunities

There is a dictum saying that it is not important who you know, but who knows you. By joining the IEBCA you will gradually be connected to hundreds of members and non-members. They are from various engineering disciplines and other walks of life such as leadership, finance, project management, human sciences and resources, and etc.

Join IEBCA to be engaged with Iranian and Iranian communities through monthly technical events, social gatherings, Nowruz parties, and summer picnics. Some of our members have found their first and progressive jobs during such networking moments or found their best friends when they meet together here! Click here to become a member.


2- Capacity building, mentorship, and professional development

Membership with BC's largest Iranian based and officially registered not for the profit organization allows you to hear the latest of the industry from high-caliber speakers and sharpen your skills in every aspect of your career. IEBCA membership opens the compelling opportunities to go through a continuous training process with no need for excessive payments that may otherwise be a burden or a potential obstacle.


You can also enjoy a formal or non-formal career mentorship when you connect other members. Many of our members are Professional Engineers (P.Eng.), Professional Geoscientists (P.Geo.), or Architect, and they could be a character or professional references for your upcoming application to Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (EGBC) or Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC). The opportunity for professional development in the IEBCA is endless.


3- Attend events for free

Non-members pay a fee to attend every monthly event. This, however, is free for the IEBCA members. Members also take advantage of a discounted rate for other larger events such as career workshops and signature events like family Nowruz gala and Cruise parties.  


4- Showcase your profession and business

As you can engage with other members and professionals in different ways to exhibit your track records, a breath of knowledge, and/or business you have grown for years. Sharing your thoughts and learning from others is a win-win situation that could yield incredible outcomes. Sponsorship opportunity and presentation of thoughtful perspectives on stage, on screen and to the IEBCA audiences can go a long way.

Click here to become a sponsor. We are seeking long-term and strategic cash or in-kind sponsorships! 


5- Advocacy and industry recognition

A growing NFP association like IEBCA needs your support. A membership is a great way to pronounce your voice of support. We honor such support of you by signing up for your membership while the feel of being side by side together is a great camaraderie.

In the meantime, you can be recognized in the industry and leverage of being part of IEBCA organization, which is integrated into other well-known organizations such as Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (EGBC). We have a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed with EGBC to reassure our adherence to their codes, standards, and practices.


6- IEBCA Board and Committees Positions

Every year (usually in the month of November), at the Annual General Meeting of IEBCA, some of the Board of Directors are replaced with new candidates who should be a Full Member of the IEBCA for at least six months. You are encouraged to become a Full Member and nominate yourself to sit on the Board for a two-year term.

We always welcome new ideas and fresh minds on the Boards and in other committee's volunteering positions. Your involvement would not only enhance the status of the IEBCA and members but also could be a good practice of leadership and a reference on your resume for giving back to the community and caring about the public. Your contribution of time and talent is returned in one way or the other.  

Now, if you would like, you can click here to Join IEBCA as a Member.


Membership in IEBC
A does not whatsoever replace the membership of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) and/or Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC). Members shall still abide to the prohibition of practice and all other regulatory requirements of EGBC and AIBC that are regulated under the Provincial Governance Act

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