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Special Events

In addition to the regular monthly events, IEBCA organizes special events, which are longer than the monthly events, and sometimes they are organized in the form of series of events. In this page you can find a few of such events.

IEBCA is holding a series of pitch competition and seminars to help entrepreneurs and early-stage technology-based startup companies get introduced to seasoned advisors and investors. The events also include panel speeches on a variety of topics, helping the audience to tailor their ideas and pitches and navigate through IP, business registration, accounting, legal, and investment raising complexities.


The Iranian Engineers of BC Association (IEBCA) and the Association of Canadian Chinese Engineering Professionals and Technologies (ACCEPT) would like to invite you to join us in an informative presentation and contest with all stakeholders of transportation in Metro Vancouver. This is a unique opportunity for sharing your innovative ideas and having your voice heard.

IEBCA-ACCEPT Event_Poster Image.jpg

In the celebration of IEBCA 10 years of service to Engineering community in BC, IEBCA is hosting an evening of networking with industry professional and an exhibition of selected growing technology companies founded in BC. This event includes a panel of industry leaders discussing how digitization can shape the next 10 years of industry and economics across Canada.

Industry Digitization.jpg
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