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Shabnam Vaghayenegar

Global Warming & Climate change mitigation and adaptation in BC

Sat May 27 2017 21:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This presentation will give us a brief history of global warming on our planet and how it is and will be affecting our lives. The presentation will focus on how global warming has been dealt with so far and what are the solutions for the next 50 years. The presenter will finish with giving a brief information about climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in BC and Vancouver.


About the Speaker:

Shabnam is a wildlife conservationist with an enthusiasm for environmental issues as they all go hand in hand. She has studied environmental engineering in Tehran, Iran. Her passion for animals led her into wildlife preservation field and since then has worked on different species in Iran such as sharks, Caspian seals, to name a few. After finishing her undergraduate degree and immigrating to Canada, Shabnam continued her education in Fish and Wildlife Recreation program at BCIT in 2011. She has worked in Iran and Canada in related subjects as well as environmental education. Shabnam is currently a prospective student for Masters of Forestry and Conservation.

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